Website Migration

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If you’re migrating your website to a new domain or URL structure, you’ll soon find a number of SEO challenges present themselves.

A well managed website migration can have little to no impact on your website’s search placements. In fact, with the right SEO strategy, a website migration can boost your search placements.

However, a botched, mismanaged, or poorly conceived website migration can be seriously detrimental to your website’s presence on the search results.

Because your business’s bottom line is at risk, a website migration is nothing to take lightly. It’s something which should only be entrusted to experienced professionals.

At Green Religion Digital, we have a battle tested team capable of handling all of the SEO details of your website migration.

We are careful, diligent, and committed to getting the best results possible. With Green Religion Digital at the helm, you’ll never be left second guessing if we’ve dotted all the is and crossed all the ts.

How Website Migration Affects SEO

Search engines are all about ranking web pages. Web pages are identified by their URLs.

This means that any time you do anything which might change the URLs of your website — such as a website migration — you run the risk of having a serious impact on how search engines catalog and rank your website.

Other details on the back end, such as server speed, can also have a knock-on effect which impacts your SEO.

If you’ve migrated to a server which is slow or improperly configured, this can prove detrimental to your SEO.

To ensure a successful and optimized website migration, our SEO experts carry out important tasks including:

  • Setting up redirects to pages which have their URLs changed
  • Updating internal link structure to avoid broken pages
  • Identifying the most optimized URL and page architecture 
  • Updating tags, titles, meta data, headers, Schema, existing redirects, and other on-page and back-end details that may be affected by the migration
  • Use tools like Google Search Console to properly inform search engines of the website migration changes
  • Updating or creating new Sitemap
  • Perform loading speed and PageSpeed analysis tests to assess site speed and its impact on SEO

Does My Website Need To Be Migrated?

For any project, a website migration is a drastic step.

However, in some cases it becomes necessary. Perhaps a rebranding has necessitated a new domain name, or the existing architecture of the website has to be dramatically revamped.

In many cases, this can be a chance to improve the website’s SEO implementation.

Key features of the website, such as its URL architecture and page naming scheme can be reconsidered and retooled with an SEO emphasis as a seamless part of the migration process.

This might include things like creating a keyword rich URL structure which includes page titles and categories in your website’s URLs, or creating a content archive which makes finding things easy both for your human users and web crawlers.

Don’t Migrate Away From Those Backlinks!

Anyone familiar with SEO knows that there aren’t many hard and fast rules in the industry.

But if you wanted one to take home with you, it’d be this: Backlinks are gold.

Backlinks are invaluable in any ranking strategy. When it comes time to migrate, it’s of the utmost importance that those super valuable backlinks don’t suddenly go dark.

To save you from this SEO nightmare, we take an in-depth look at all the links pointing back to your website and implement the necessary URL changes or redirects to keep those links pointing to the right parts of your website after the migration has been completed.

Monitoring Your Website Migration’s SEO Impact

One of the most important parts of our website migration SEO services is the in-depth monitoring we offer.

In order to measure the precise impact of your website migration on your SEO strategy, we perform a deep dive into all available analytics prior to the migration.

During and after the migration, we continue to watch closely to see how the website migration has affected your search rankings.

We keep a close eye on potential problem areas, like pages which had a dramatic URL change or pages with a heavy backlink profile now relying on a redirect.

Should we notice any substantial dip in the traffic to these pages, we are poised to rapidly intervene.

Excitingly, we will also be able to give you a detailed analysis of the impacts (good and bad) of your website migration.

Armed with this data, we can continue to refine and improve your SEO strategy taking full advantage of your freshly migrated website.


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