Keyword Research

SEO campaigns rise and fall on the strength of their keyword research.

SEO campaigns rise and fall on the strength of their keyword research.

For all of the tools and metrics available to the modern SEO agent, none can provide a true substitute for a skilled and experienced keyword research team.

At its core, keyword research is the process of identifying potentially lucrative keywords which can be included on your website.

By finding these keywords, implementing them seamlessly into your content, and tracking their search results over time, we can build the audience of a website through completely organic search traffic.

The Power of Keyword Research

What do the results of keyword research actually look like?

Let’s break it down. Here are some goals of our typical keyword research campaign:

  • Identify a variety of keywords including long-tail keywords, contextual keywords, and relevant phrases
  • Zero in on the language of your business and its customers, including relevant brands, related industries, and up to date terminology 
  • Identify keywords which target specific groups, such as buyer intent keywords
  • Perform an analysis of the search results to identify competitors 
  • Provide curated keyword suggestions to be implemented for SEO purposes, PPC ads, and future content marketing implementation

How We Target Keywords

It’s true that there is no shortage of keywords which have the potential to bring traffic to your website.

But a more important question than the volume of traffic is what kind of traffic is coming to your website?

The great strength of keyword research and properly implemented SEO is that it allows you to select the keywords most likely to be typed in by exactly the audience you want to target.

For example, someone searching for a review of a product is much more likely to be in the purchasing phase than someone searching for information on how to repair that product.

Armed with this knowledge, we might favor review oriented keywords for an eCommerce website, and repair oriented keywords for a repair oriented website.

This way, we target only the audience likely to be interested in our content.

Even though they are searching for information about the same product, we’ve effectively segmented them based on their intent.

While this example is incredibly simplistic, it illuminates the fundamental importance of keyword research.

Modern keyword research campaigns — like those performed by Green Religion Digital — synthesize incredible amounts of data using public search engine data, as well as third party and proprietary tools to scan, categorize, and sort through billions of potential keywords.

Our experts interpret this data in their search for the most relevant and lucrative keywords to be included as part of your SEO campaign.

In the process, they can identify complex patterns and extrapolate intriguing user behaviors based entirely on keyword data.

All of this information can then be baked into your ongoing SEO strategy to create more refined and targeted content which reaches the audience most likely to convert.

Keyword Research or Managed SEO Campaigns

Keyword research is a fundamental pillar of all of our SEO efforts. You will find it included in a majority of our SEO packages and services.

However, if you’re looking for keyword research without a full SEO package, we are happy to help.

Let our clever keyword experts do what they do best to present your team with some carefully selected and highly actionable keyword insights.

You might be so impressed that you’ll want us to handle some other aspects of your SEO strategy!

Complete Keyword Tracking

The most effective keyword research is anything but a one-shot deal.

Instead, consistent and ongoing keyword tracking yields the best results.

By keeping a close eye on how the search results are changing, what your competitors are ranking for, where your own pages are placing, and what new keyword opportunities may be on the horizon, you can make use of every available avenue for increasing your search ranking.

With search engine competition increasing every day, it’s necessary to remain diligent and watchful over any keywords relevant to your brand or business.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your placements for keywords you’ve captured in the past, allowing you to respond quickly to any downward trends.

Understand Your Industry With Keyword Insights

Having an up to date knowledge of the important keywords in your industry not only helps you stay competitive on the search results.

It can also provide invaluable information about what’s relevant in your industry and where things are heading.

The right keyword opportunities could lead to your business branching into lucrative new territory and previously untapped markets.

All doors which you might never have known to be unlocked were it not for the work of one of Green Religion Digital’s keen keyword researchers.

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