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The evolution of modern search engines is unstoppable. To stay competitive, you need help from the industry’s best and brightest. We create the most advanced and effective managed SEO plans with an emphasis on real world results.


Modern SEO allows you to bring highly targeted traffic to your website. We create sustainable solutions for traffic growth that allows your audience to continue expanding as far as the internet can go.


Not only does SEO bring traffic, it also brings more clicks, conversions, and leads. With careful keyword research, we can fine tune any SEO campaign to target the users most likely to convert from viewers to customers.


Work with our specialists to shine the SEO spotlight on the parts of your business which can benefit most from a boom in web traffic. Leverage your growth to create a SEO snowball that cannot be stopped on its crash course with success.

Recent client results

The below examples show increases in rankings and improved visibility in search results for some of our recent clients.

Recent client results

What Green Religion Digital’s Professional
Services Can Do For Your Business

We offer unique and highly customized SEO plans for all of our customers. We will work closely with you to create a tailored SEO strategy designed from the ground up with your business and its challenges and goals in mind.

Our keen eyed keyword experts will perform an in-depth keyword analysis relating to your website and business. Using carefully selected keywords, we create a strategy designed to attract highly targeted traffic to your website. Traffic which generates new leads for your business.

In order to compete, it’s necessary to know what the competition is up to! We perform an industry analysis to assess what competition exists in your field and what can be done about it to rocket you up to the top of the search engines (where your business belongs.)

We will ensure that all of your websites are up to date on the latest technical standards and specifications required by modern search engine crawlers. We’ll be quick to implement any changes required to comply with new standards.

To ensure you get the best results possible, we work closely with all of our clients on an ongoing basis to update and maintain our SEO efforts and fine tune our strategies to produce ever more impressive results.


Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

The days of “set it and forget it” SEO are over. Now, you need to create carefully crafted and highly optimized content if you hope to beat out the competition.

Grow Organically

The right SEO strategy puts your business exactly where it needs to be with steady organic growth. Instead of assaulting users with ads, modern SEO techniques create content your users actually want to engage with, all while directing them towards your brand and business.

Meet Our Founder

Hello, my name is Gary.

I’ve been around SEO for a long time. Long enough to see things done right — and done wrong. Even though I’ve produced successful campaigns for dozens of clients, I always knew that more was possible with SEO than what I was seeing at run of the mill SEO agencies. That’s where Green Religion Digital comes into play. I was in the bootstrap stage of developing my company when Green Religion EU decided to partner and invest in something that would allow our expertise in eCommerce to expand the globe.



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