Businesses rely on search engines like Google to find opportunities of all descriptions.

Have a product or service with a Business To Business (B2B) model? Then you also have some unique SEO challenges.

Businesses rely on search engines like Google to find opportunities of all descriptions.

Though the search volume from businesses might be more limited than more generalized search queries, there is still more than enough to bolster any B2B business’s bottom line.

The best way to reach these businesses? Create a B2B SEO campaign designed to put your website in front of the businesses that need it most.

At Green Religion Digital, we have a wealth of experience creating tailored SEO campaigns designed around the goals and challenges a B2B business model brings.

What A Successful B2B SEO Campaign Looks Like

The secret to success in any B2B SEO campaign is understanding what businesses are looking for in a B2B product or service — and how they use search engines to find what they’re after.

In many respects, a B2B SEO strategy closely resembles your typical SEO strategy. Familiar processes like technical audits, backlink assessment and procurement, and other standard SEO techniques all apply.

Where a successful B2B SEO campaign diverges from any off the shelf SEO campaign is in the content and keywords.

Business people speak a different sort of English from the layman. Every industry is filled with its own definitions, lingo, and specific terms that don’t apply outside the industry.

In our exhaustive keyword research, we work diligently to understand the language of your business and the businesses you are marketing to.

Armed with these terms, we can create highly targeted crafted content which industry insiders will immediately recognize when seeking the information, products, and services their business requires.

Since the language used by any particular industry can be obscure, zeroing in on the proper keywords in these spaces can quickly rocket your B2B business to the top of the search engine results.

Understanding the B2B Audience

B2B content looks very different from content crafted for consumers.

Content for a B2B audience should be written to appeal to decision makers. It should be minimalist, detailed, highly structured, and concise.

Our experience in the B2B space has allowed us to hone our content creation skills. We understand how to create the content which even the most formidable executives will find appealing.

More importantly, our field tested and proven keyword research methods are capable of isolating the search terms which will actually put your website’s content in front of decision makers.

Does My Business Need B2B SEO Services?

If you’re in the B2B space and hoping to compete on the search results: absolutely.

Many clients come to us after finding their traditional SEO strategy did little to nothing for their B2B business.

This is because the unfortunate reality is that many amateur SEO agencies just don’t know how to handle the intricacies of B2B SEO.

Not to worry. We’re used to fixing the mistakes of our predecessors.

The good news is that many traditional SEO methodologies can be seamlessly translated into a B2B SEO strategy.

It just requires the help of the right SEO team. Fortunately, you’ve already found us! Why not get in touch now?

Advanced SEO and Ongoing Management

The search engine results pages for B2B businesses can be highly competitive spaces.

To beat out the competition, Green Religion Digital employs the latest and greatest SEO techniques. We are constantly monitoring the search results for every term we hope to rank your website for, giving us an intimate portrait of who your competitors are, what they are doing, and how they are doing it.

With a strategy that emphasizes real world results, our most successful SEO case studies show that ongoing management is a cornerstone of successful SEO in competitive spaces.

Instead of giving you a one time strategy and hoping it will play out, we pride ourselves on scrutinizing every detail of our SEO strategy on an ongoing basis. This allows us to rapidly locate problems, implement solutions, and identify new opportunities as they arise.

This flexible, nimble approach to SEO is vital when competing for the most sought after search terms.

Create the B2B SEO Strategy Your Business Needs To Succeed

No matter your industry or business, if you have a B2B focused website which requires some search engine optimization efforts, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us through our contact page to schedule a free strategy session and ask us any questions you might have.

Whether you’ve experienced search engine success in the past or your business can’t even be found in the depths of Google, we are here to help you cut through the noise and bring your business to the top of the search engine.


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