Technical SEO Audit

Discover valuable leakage in your SEO structure.

Have an existing web page that isn’t performing as well in the search results as you’d hoped?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many clients come to us with a common concern: their SEO strategy just isn’t quite doing it. Whenever this is the case, we begin our investigation with a thorough SEO Audit.

But what exactly is an SEO Audit?

When we perform a SEO Audit of a website, we audit everything having to do with your website’s search engine optimization!

And when we say everything, we really mean it! Everything from your website’s technical setup on the backend and frontend, to your past and present analytics, to your content strategy and keyword research will be subjected to scrutiny.

One of the worst feelings in business is flying blind. With something as technical as SEO, it can be hard to wrap your mind around what is working and what isn’t.

Thankfully, the SEO Audit is the one size fits all solution for demystifying every detail of your SEO strategy — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s a rough outline of what is involved in a SEO Audit :


 We take a look at technical things on your website’s backend and server setup. In this phase, we also look for major issues like Google penalties, site architecture, PageSpeed issues, redirects, and other technical aspects which can affect your SEO.


After addressing fundamental technical issues, we audit on-site details to improve usage of tags, links, meta data, keyword density, resolve errors, and other factors which affect your SEO.


Once we’ve had a look at the page, we’ll audit the actual search results where your pages are showing up to take a look at the competition, how we can improve ranking, and any opportunities to snatch up new spots on the search results.


We’ll audit your website’s existing backlink profile to ensure you have an upstanding reputation across the web.
Technical SEO Audit


Our experts will dive into the entirety of your website’s content to assess it for quality, relevance, identify duplicate content, broken content, and audit the overall implementation of your SEO strategy across your website’s various pages and posts.

Why Bother With A SEO Audit?

The most common reason our clients want a SEO audit is simple: they want results. Results which their existing SEO strategy is not getting.

There are many reasons your SEO plan might not be taking off.

It could be something as simple as a small oversight. Maybe a few technical details are out of place.

Or perhaps it is a more systemic problem that needs to be addressed from the ground up.

The internet today is full of SEO agencies offering services. Many of them are of exceptional quality, while others don’t quite cut the mustard.

Fortunately, our SEO audits can salvage all but the shoddiest of work. And because sometimes even the best experts make a mistake, having a second set of eyes look over your site with one of our SEO audits can help sort out any errors that might have been missed previously.

Whether you have no SEO strategy at all, or you’re trying to breathe life into a strategy that worked just fine not so long ago, or you’re hoping to turn things around for your strategy that never worked at all, a SEO audit is just the way to set you on the road towards real results.

What You Learn From A SEO Audit

It’s true that you will get plenty of technical details, expert recommendations, and incredibly valuable insights once your SEO audit is completed.

While we could go through an exhaustive list of what sort of information you might hope you learn, there is a simpler way to break down what you’ll learn from one of our SEO audits:

You’ll learn what works, and what doesn’t.

You’ll learn what needs to be done to address your website’s current SEO struggles.

You’ll learn what needs to be done to take your SEO strategy to the next level.

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