Technical SEO

Behind the scenes of every successful SEO campaign is a team of technical SEO experts.

For those who don’t know where to look, their work largely goes unseen.

It may not be as flashy or as obvious as a grandiose content marketing strategy, but without having all of the technical aspects taken care of, none of these higher level SEO efforts would be possible.

What Is Technical SEO?

In order for a web page to be properly search optimized, there are many technical details which need to be configured to meet best practices.

A technical SEO specialist takes charge of all of these details. Our technical SEO services do a deep dive into the technical aspects of your web page and identify any existing problems while also seeking out opportunities to improve the site’s optimization.

Some of the tasks handled by technical SEO include:

  • Server Configuration: Configure back-end servers for optimal SEO.
  • Loading Speed: Analyze page loading speed and identify opportunities to reduce loading speeds to improve SEO.
  • Site Architecture: Create and implement a search engine optimized site architecture with keyword rich URLs and coherent organizational structure.
  • Meta Data: Ensure important meta data is present, accurate, and up to date. This includes things like meta tags, Schema markup, title tags, URLs, author attributions, dates, image alt tags, and other data used by search engines.
  • Crawler Compliance: Take measures to ensure the entire website is properly crawlable and indexable by all major search engines.
  • Search Console Monitoring: Monitor Google Search Console and related tools for any changes. Ensure the site maintains an upstanding reputation with search engines.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Set up, maintain, and analyze a robust and detailed system for collecting analytical data regarding keywords, user behavior, search engine results, and other information relevant to your SEO campaign.
  • On-Page Optimization: Optimize aspects of webpages highly relevant to search, such as page structure, header tags, titles, keyword density, internal linking, etc.

I’ve Already Had Technical SEO Work Done. Do I Need More?

Even if you’ve had technical SEO work performed on your website in the past, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t need more technical SEO help in the future.

First and foremost, search engines are always changing. As they evolve, what they expect from websites also changes.

This means that new standards and best practices are routinely being implemented, refined, or done away with.

As a result, keeping your website up to snuff with its technical SEO means being cognizant of these changing standards and practices while regularly making updates to keep pace with these changes.

But all of this is assuming that every aspect of your technical SEO was set up perfectly in the first place.

More so than in other areas of SEO, technical SEO can be fraught with the risk of shoddy workmanship. Few clients have the technical knowledge to really examine the work of a technical SEO specialist.

With this in mind, it’s never a bad idea to get a second look at your website’s technical SEO. Even the best technical SEO specialists can make mistakes and miss small details which might be corrected by a second pass.

How Can I Tell If My Website Needs Technical SEO?

We often find clients coming to us with technical SEO questions when the rest of their SEO strategy seems to be going fine but the results they expected just aren’t measuring up to reality.

There are a few ways to know for sure if your website needs some technical SEO help:

  1. Your site has never had a technical SEO audit or setup
  2. You haven’t had any technical SEO auditing done in an extended period, or major changes such as a new Google update have occurred since your site’s last technical SEO audit
  3. Traffic is dropping but competition is not increasing
  4. You notice obvious errors on the website itself or in tools like Search Console

To truly assess the technical SEO needs of your website, we recommend a technical SEO audit performed by Green Religion Digital’s technical SEO team.

In the audit, we will take an exhaustive look at all the technical SEO details of your website to provide you with highly actionable recommendations for improvement.

We’ve proven ourselves capable of turning around even the most poorly implemented SEO campaigns and turning technical nightmares into SEO daydreams.

Want us to take a look at your website? We’d love to!

No matter how unruly of a technical mess you may have cooked up, or how confused you may be that your diligently organized system just isn’t working out, we’re confident our expertise and perspective will bring you closer to your SEO goals.

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